Re-branding the yearly doctor check-up

Hey Alex,

Today we went to see Dr Jawetz for your 8 year and Avery's 4 year check-up.  Alex, you have been talking to me for a few days now about whether you would have to get a shot.  Each time you asked I corrected you - it's an injection not a shot - and told you that I did not know what the protocol was for the 8 year old visit.  And each time you asked, I think that your anxiety continued to increase.

When we got to the office, you asked the nurse.  She did not know either.  By the time you asked Dr. Jawetz your goofy, crazy, nervous energy was at an all time high.  And when you found out that the answer was yes (You needed a Hepatitis A booster), your anxiety reached an all time high.

So here's what I know about this visit to the doctor.  You are 54.5 inches tall and weigh 67 pounds.  And 67 pounds of pure muscle is extremely hard to restrain when said person does NOT, you repeated DOES NOT want to have blood taken or vaccines received.  You cried and screamed and yelled and it was quite an impressive and scary show to say the least.  Your 4 year old sister may have cried a bit, but was far more docile and accepting than you.

I don't have too much else to say about your performance, just want to make sure that you remember your younger self in later years.

I am so thankful that you are healthy and are generally happy (when there aren't needles involved)


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