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Keeping Great Company with a Nine Year Old

Dear Alex,

Happy 9th birthday!  I am more than a bunch of days late, but that is because I've been thinking about what I want to share with you about the last year of your life.  It's not easy to boil everything down to one blog post.  And honestly, because your personality has been so strong and clear from an early age, I know I might come across as repetitive - and I don't want it to seem like you haven't grown over the past year, because indeed, you have!

So as you might expect, you continue to be an emotionally smart, kind and funny kid who is a voracious collector of stories in both the film, written and spoken version.  That will never change.  I could just copy this paragraph and paste it for every year that you continue to grow.

As for the differences, from seven to eight years old, you had a year of positive growth, an easy happy year. This past year has been a bit different.  It will for sure all be positive in the long run, but while you and I are in it togethe…