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Will we ever get through this?

The answer is of course, yes, as a family, we can get through anything together.  The "this" that I'm writing about is:

A] two kids with lice (a.k.a. the straw that broke the camel's back)
B] one horrible head cold (it made leaning forward over kids' head to peer and make sure all nits were gone all the more fun)
C] one husband away for the week for work (in the best of situations, I am co-dependent and saddened when I don't get to hang out with Eric on a daily basis)
D] nary a work from home day in the past month....until today, when infested heads beckoned me home.

I'm exhausted.


I was reading one of my favorite blogs this evening and was saddened to discover that the writer had bared her soul and shared with the world that she and her husband had just separated.  Here is a woman that I have never met, yet I am invested in her daily life and believed that I understood the inner-workings of her family.  

I do hope that she is able to work it out, but in a somewhat narcissistic way, reading that post had me being introspective about my own relationship.  I thought about how I could best express how I feel about Eric, the love of my life.  Because even on my darkest and crankiest of days, I simply love Eric.  The idea of being apart from him never crosses my mind.  I miss him when we are apart even for one evening.  I am lucky, I am blessed and I do not take the joy I get from this relationship for granted.  Eric is truly my beshert.

Beshert is a Yiddish word for one's soulmate.  I was reading an article by Emuna Braverman, a clincial psychologist and marriage …


Dear Alex,

This past weekend you had a few firsts.  Your first wrestling meet: three matches of which you won the first and  lost the second and third.  And your first time playing Words With Friends (with me, Grandma, Pop pop and Auntie Dawn).

I do not believe that I have ever heard your dad cheer so loudly.  In fact, he was hoarse later in the day from all that screaming.  And he even told me that he has never been so proud of you in your entire life.  Not just because you won, but because even when you lost, your perseverance was just amazing.

You also started playing Words With Friends.  You are mainly using 3-letter words and don't quite get the strategy of double and triple letters and words, but - if I may be a little nerdy for a moment - the fact that you are playing Scrabble with me and other members of your family evokes such a warm, bubbly, enormous sense of pride in me - even more than watching you succeed in wrestling.

Blog theme #1 - Alex continues to grow and thrive and…