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Pretty self explanatory

Dear Avery,

I shared this comment on social media this morning, but maybe you will want to remember this years from now.
Your mommy

Growing Up Alex

Dear Alex,

You are currently 8 3/4 years old and you still let me read great stories to you at night before you go to bed. We have been working our way through the Carl Hiassen books and are reading "Flush" right now.

Last night's chapter had a reference to bachelor parties and exotic dancers and I asked you if you knew what that meant and then gave you the simple explanation that some women will dance naked to make money and that their job is called 'exotic dancer'.  We left it at that and then moved on.

This morning when you came into my room I asked you if you had a good night sleep and your response was, "Yes. I dreamed all night about those dancing ladies".

Thanks for the smile this morning.

I love your 8, almost 9 year old self!