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The Plague of December 2010

4 doctors visits (okay one visit was for a flu shot)
5 colds
4 sore throats
3 cases of laryngitis
3 sinus infections
3 stomach viruses

Oh Alex, my Alex

I was just looking over the last few posts and see that they revolve around Avery. I think that this is because as Alex grows, he is more even-tempered and less outrageous than bi-polar two-year old behavior just is.

So I wanted to write to Alex to tell you that at six and three-quarter years old you are a lot of fun. You are comfortable in your own skin (even though you trip and fall out of chairs, so maybe not comfortable in your fast-growing body). You still love movies more than anything else. And you still speak like an adult, much to the amazement of adults who are first meeting you.

You shamelessly cheat when we play card games or board games :)

Your teacher tells us that you have a mind for math and you all the sudden have seemed to have picked up the Hebrew language.

You are willing to try fewer and fewer new foods that do not include chocolate as an ingredient.

You now know what a first down is, oh and you seem to really enjoy playing basketball.

You also like to breakdance.

I …

Hello, my name is Jodi and I have an expressive toddler

Avery has been fighting a cold for the past week or so. She generally feels okay, but we've kept her home from school so she has been Jenny's and my sidekick a little more often than usual. And she is becoming quite good company, although a word to the wise, she will chat up just about anyone she meets and she has no filter...

...Last Friday we were in town grabbing breakfast before the work day began and Avery saw a woman with a little girl about her age. Social butterfly skips on over and says, "Hi. My name is Avery." The woman is both startled and pleased by Avery's forwardness and says "Hello!" To which Avery replies, "I have boogers."