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Baby Alex, all five foot ten and a half inches of him!

Dear Alex,

Soooo big!
I find myself saying "Baby Alex" out loud and in my head a lot more often lately.  I think it is because I am in mourning that there is no bit of baby left as you turn 14.  14!  Your voice is deeper than all other men in our family including your dad and your grandfathers.  Of course, there is an occasional crack in your voice now & then, but it is happening less and less.  Your feet are gigantic (12.5 right now) and you are growing inches (currently 5'10"+) with too short pants all the time.

Trust the process
I am writing down the following story, because it concerns you and I want you to remember it and make it a model for your life.  Every year starting in fourth grade, you have tried out for the Glen Rock town travel basketball team.  You did not make the team in fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade or seventh grade.  Four years in a row of being cut, but you still developed your skills, played on other pay-to-play teams over the years an…