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....I learn something interesting about this family everyday. I could write even one sentence and it would most likely be worthwhile. I should not feel overwhelmed by the thought of needing to write something meaningful everytime I sit down to write.
So sometimes I will just write, hooray, Alex lost his first tooth on September 19, 2010. He is six and a half years old!

School Age Kids

So it's happened. Both Alex and Avery have started school for the year - Avery for the first time. And the sense of routine and order in our lives is for the most part calming.

And how are the two little darlings doing in their academic studies this year?

Well, Avery has been rising to the challenge of pre-school. She is not without anxiety; every morning at drop off she tells me that today she does not want to go to school and her tiny hands grips a little more tightly as we approach the classroom door. But then the teachers engage her and she is off and running with nary a tear escaping nor a look back over her shoulder to say goodbye. It's just the way things are and she is fine with that. I look forward to her developing friendships and growing as a person.

It is only week two of school for Alex and Eric and I have already been called in by the teacher. I was upset and worried until I met Ms. L and understood why we were being called in. Alex, not unlike his two paren…

Emotionally Aware

People, no actually, professionals, like teachers and other smart people often tell me that I have kids that are 'emotionally aware'. This is especially true of Alex who will tell you when he is only 'starting' to feel angry or sad or gleeful or whatever other emotions he regularly experiences.

But it goes beyond his own self awareness. Recently, I was driving somewhere with Alex and Avery and for some reason I was furious with him (my anger must have been uber important given that I have no recollection as to what was making me angry at the time.). When I get this angry with him, I don't yell, I just bait him and pick at him and perhaps even over analyze the behavior of his which has incited my fury.

On this particular occassion, Alex says, "I'm just being quiet". I pause in my nasty tirade to ask, "What?" and his response is "I've learned when you are really angry like this that it's just best for me to not talk and to be qu…