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Eleven Months...

Hi Avery,
Yesterday you turned eleven months old. The countdown to your first birthday can now officially begin. While you were napping yesterday afternoon and Alex and Eric were having their necessary TV downtime, I did something stupid which was to read a book about developmental milestones. Now while I generally think you are perfect, when I read these types of books, I can have what is known as a 'freak out reaction'. Because there are guidelines about what is developmentally appropriate. And it's not that you are necessarily developmentally delayed (what an evil phrase, huh?), it's more that I have not 'tested' you on these developments.
So you woke up from your nap and I was on a mission: pulls herself to standing. yup, you can do that in your crib with verbal encouragement. check. can walk holding on to a sturdy children's car/push toy. brought your Winnie the Pooh car up from the basement, stood you behind it and lo and behold, you can push it and wal…

Hello, my babies...

Hi Alex and Avery,
Today is Tuesday March 10, 2009 - actually it is already March 11 in Istanbul, which is where I am as I type this blog. Alex, you will be five years old in just a few short days. Avery, you are a bit passed ten months. I want to let you both know (now and years from now when you go back and read this) how much I love you, how I never stop thinking or talking about you when I am away from you, how lucky I feel to know how well loved and cared for you are when I am away. And how lucky YOU are to have a mommy who will teach you all about the world, including such far off and magical places as Istanbul, Turkey.
Alex, I cannot wait to bake cupcakes with your class in honor of your birthday when I am Shabbat Mom this Friday - I wouldn't miss it for the world!
You may just be having dinner right now, but I must go to sleep since it is the middle of the night here.
I love you both with all of my heart and more.