Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi Kids,

It's a blue sky, cloudless beautiful springtime Friday and I find myself daydreaming just a little bit this morning.

And I wanted to let you know that I still think about what I want to be when I grow up, even as you look at me and think I am completely grown up.

I think that maybe I would still like to try to be a doctor or a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner and that today I actually looked up a five year program and wondered about its feasibility.

It's really hard to rock the boat, particularly when your life seems idyllic for the most part.  So I wonder if any of this daydreaming will ever become a reality?

And if somehow it did, would I just begin to daydream about other things?  Like being a writer?  Or owning a small knitting store?  Or starting a better school lunch program?

The one job that I never dream about changing is being your mom.  Even when you are making me angry or sad or just plain crazy, I love the two of you fiercely.  

See you in about an hour so that we can have our Friday lunch together.  I treasure these times with you and am grateful for the career that allows for Fridays with my kids.

Love you,

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Dear Avery

It is 1040 pm and your dad and I just came upstairs to go to bed. I flipped on the lights in our bedroom, went back into the hallway to talk to your dad and then walked fully into the bedroom.
There you were just sitting cross legged on our bed not looking at me and not saying anything.

I jumped back, scared and surprised. When I picked you up you put your head on my shoulder. You didn't resist when I put you in bed. You just turned over and went to bed.

Even when you are freaking me out you are warm and snuggly and sweet.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Dear Avery,

The title of this blog post is "Punim".  It is Yiddish for the word face.  I don't use too many Yiddish words in part because I do not know them, but in part because it makes me feel like a cultural Jew instead of an observant one, and I don't like that feeling.  (Just another insight into my crazy).

Punim, however is a word that I like to keep a part of my vocabulary.  Because it means so much more than face.  It is layered with meaning; it means 'beautiful face', 'the face I love' and it absolutely cannot be said without total and complete endearment.

Yes my love, you are my shana punim.  And for your sixth birthday, I would like to write in detail about that punim.  That not so beautiful right now, bruised and battered face.  From things like a 'rug burn' from the rubber surface at the playground and things like a bruised and swollen nose from falling face first on a stone floor while running around and dancing and things like little round red dots from scratching springtime bug bites.

Okay, I'm your mom, so take this as you will - even with all of those bruises, you are still one of the most gorgeous creatures on this earth!

What I really want to talk about for your sixth birthday is your strength and your resilience in light of all these recent normal kid bruises.  I am amazed with your toughness.  Your ability to get up, wipe yourself off and go back to playing as hard as possible, because it seems that playing and enjoying life and being with friends supersedes any amount of pain or discomfort you might be feeling at the moment.  Oh how I love this about you!

I hope as you grow, you remember to be always exuberant, to take pleasure in the small and large joys of friends, family and daily life.

Happy sixth birthday, Avery! (I hope you lose a tooth soon),

P.S. I want to remind you that you donated 10 inches of hair to Pantene Great Lengths in honor of your sixth birthday.