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The end of an era

Dear Alex and Avery,

Something tiny happened on Friday that feels rather monumental to me. Bank of America dictated that Daddy's cell phone can no longer be part of a family plan. And since Unilever pays for a blackberry for me, there was really no longer any reason for me to hold on to my other cell phone. Saving $50 a month? How can that be monumental, you ask?

My eyes tear up at even having to type that this means, gulp, that I will no longer have a 212 or a 917 or a 646 phone number associated with me. I am fully, gulp, 201. And every time Alex tells me how much he loves the mall (he says mawl, to my horror), I wonder if I have done the two of you a disservice by not trading palacial amounts of space and sending you out to the back yard to play without my needing to carefully watch over you for a 1000 sqft Upper East Side junior 4.

Are you going to grow up great as suburban kids? Probably? But I also know how badly I wanted to move to Manhattan and how Connecticut seemed …

October to November, November to December...let's see, it has been four months!?!?!

I've waited too long between posts to remember too many of the details of this never ending winter, but that's okay because one of the things that I am most proud of with regards to my parenting capabilities is that of being able to live in the moment and truly enjoy my time with my kids. It's not about posing for the perfect picture to prove to everyone that we have baked cookies and kicked a soccer ball around, rather, it's about laughing and singing and having dance parties in the family room, even if we are the only ones who know about it.
If I think back four months ago to Halloween and juxtapose it with what I think of you kids right now, you have both grown so much it amazes me. You are taller and stronger, yes, but also just so much more 'adult'.
Alex, you now know how to do everything from read time (and know when you may NOT come into my room because it is TOO early), to get your own breakfast, get yourself dressed and ready for school. Oh and school! I…