Monday, October 26, 2009

She just came downstairs to remind me... could I forget some of her favorite words!

shoes, socks, hat, bag

There is really something to having two XX chromosomes, huh?

If I write only once each quarter, does it count as a blog?

Well, it's the best I can do because I prefer to enjoy the moments with you kids instead of always preserving the memories and not being "in it" with you.

But then Alex and Avery, you have both been doing so many amazing things lately that I feel compelled to capture some of them here.

1. This is the comment that made me come back to blog. From the book "Horace, Morris, but Mostly Dolores" which is a story about three young mice who are friends that go on adventures. In describing the adventures, the author writes humorous things like "They sailed the seven sewers" which is of course funny because they are tiny mice who wouldn't sail the seven seas. Then on the next page the mice are on top of what looks like a garbage heap holding a flagpole (the flag is made of cheese) and the caption reads "They climbed Mount Ever-Rust". At this point, Alex asks what this means - Mount Ever-Rust and I explain to him that they are probably in a scrap metal junkyard. He thinks about this for a second and then says, "I think it would be funnier if they wrote 'They climbed Mount Rust-More'" Seriously, he is Alex, boy-genius, when it comes to words!

2. Avery is nearly 18 months (this Thursday!) and a clock must have gone off in her head because there have been many leaps and bounds in the past few weeks. One of these, is there is no longer a gate at the top of our stairs because the little miss has discovered how to climb down a flight of stairs on her own. And how did I discover this? Friday night (Shabbat dinner at the Piazza's :), the adults were hanging out and I decided to see where Avery was wandering around because we all know that too quiet can only mean bad things. When she was nowhere to be found, I went down to the basement where the boys were playing and there she was! I asked the boys how she got down there and they looked at me blankly (like I was stupid) and said "I don't know, she just came down"

3. Alex is officially two months into being a kindergartener and has either adjusted quite well or rather, has not had to adjust at all. When we went to the school on back to school night, there were hanging in the hallway self portraits with the words "Today is the first day of kindergarten. I feel ___________" and then Mrs. Moger had obviously asked each child how he or she felt and wrote it for them. The majority of kids had Mrs Moger write either "happy" or "excited". The emotionally self-aware child, also known as Alex "I feel a divide between happy and sad"

4. Another thing that seems to have clicked with Avery over the past couple of weeks is an awareness of what's happening in her diaper right and when it's going to be happening. So this past weekend she happened to be in the bathroom with me and said "pee pee", so I thought why not and ripped off her diaper and attempted to sit her on the toilet without a potty seat, because why would I have one. So she freaks out, perhaps because she thought she was going to fall into the toilet (even though I was firmly holding her). I take her off the toilet and she runs over to the carpet in our bathroom and....pees all over the carpet and her legs. And of course, I'm still thinking 'my little genius - only 18 months and she's already so aware'

5. One of the 'new' things about kindergarten are clearly the new kids in Alex's class. So of course, I regularly ask him who are the new kids he likes, who are his new friends, etc. One time he named one or two kids, but in the past I had heard him say other names. So I ask, "What about Shelly and Talia? I thought you said that they were your friends too." Alex's response: "They're not my friends, I just like to look at them, they look good to me. Also Jillian, Jillian is good to look at too."

6. And what post would be complete without marveling about the development of language for a young toddler in this world. Avery is expressing more and more words each day, clearly understands multi-pronged directions and even goes between English (open - actually opo, and water - actually wawa) and Spanish (abre, and agua) depending on who she is talking to (once again - my little genius!). She also sang a form of Happy Birthday to Eric on his birthday and can say: Alex, mommy, dada, Jenny, David, papa, up, cheese, banana, apple, milk, pasta, chicken, hello, bye, night-night, light, baby, book, ball, bubbles, head, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, toes, belly, elmo (help me!), dora (actually 'doe doe', probably because the song is d-d-d-d-d-dora).
Can't wait to see what's next! My guess is that I wont write until Grandma Ruth's birthday.

Monday, June 15, 2009

It has been too long and I could never catch up...

...but there are a few bits and pieces of language that I would like to capture for posterity.

1. On a cold and rainy afternoon while Avery was napping and Alex was playing with his SmartCycle video game I was working on a kids puzzle (300 pieces!) at the kitchen table. This was the day that Eric had torn his hamstring playing softball, so he was resting upstairs in our bedroom. I asked Alex if he would mind if I went upstairs for a little bit and his response, "Who do you think you are, my puzzle slave?"

2. Avery this morning. I take out my phone while she is eating breakfast to make sure that I have enough battery power for the day. Avery sees the phone and wants it, so she says, "More Hi there" while putting her little hand to her ear. I guess since when she talks on the phone she says hi there, she actually thinks the phone is called a "hi there"

And this is why I should blog more often because I know there are many more and I can't remember any of them. :(

Monday, March 30, 2009

Eleven Months...

Hi Avery,
Yesterday you turned eleven months old. The countdown to your first birthday can now officially begin. While you were napping yesterday afternoon and Alex and Eric were having their necessary TV downtime, I did something stupid which was to read a book about developmental milestones. Now while I generally think you are perfect, when I read these types of books, I can have what is known as a 'freak out reaction'. Because there are guidelines about what is developmentally appropriate. And it's not that you are necessarily developmentally delayed (what an evil phrase, huh?), it's more that I have not 'tested' you on these developments.

So you woke up from your nap and I was on a mission: pulls herself to standing. yup, you can do that in your crib with verbal encouragement. check. can walk holding on to a sturdy children's car/push toy. brought your Winnie the Pooh car up from the basement, stood you behind it and lo and behold, you can push it and walk! check. crawling may not be traditional, some children scoot on their behinds or pull themselves along in an 'army crawl' (that's you). as long as both sides of the body (left and right) are being used equally, this is developmentally fine. OMG, OMG, do you pull yourself more with one arm than the other? I need to see you crawl NOW. oh, okay. check.

Those were the gross motor tests. I didn't bother with any of the verbal or fine motor because (smile) I know how advanced you are with these.

Here you are with your brother in your Pooh car. You were taking a break from walking and he was pushing you super fast. You and your brother and your dad were all laughing your heads off.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello, my babies...

Hi Alex and Avery,
Today is Tuesday March 10, 2009 - actually it is already March 11 in Istanbul, which is where I am as I type this blog. Alex, you will be five years old in just a few short days. Avery, you are a bit passed ten months. I want to let you both know (now and years from now when you go back and read this) how much I love you, how I never stop thinking or talking about you when I am away from you, how lucky I feel to know how well loved and cared for you are when I am away. And how lucky YOU are to have a mommy who will teach you all about the world, including such far off and magical places as Istanbul, Turkey.
Alex, I cannot wait to bake cupcakes with your class in honor of your birthday when I am Shabbat Mom this Friday - I wouldn't miss it for the world!
You may just be having dinner right now, but I must go to sleep since it is the middle of the night here.
I love you both with all of my heart and more.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Every kid has his thing

So now that I am the even wiser mother of two I can say with complete conviction that every child will have some recurring type of illness that the kids around him are not necessarily getting. I have seen kids who throw up or get fevers at the drop of a hat. Alex had an ear infection nearly every month for the first couple years of life.

And now it's Avery's turn. So what ailment do I joyously get to celebrate regularly with this little girl? Diarrhea (cha cha cha). Now you are probably thinking that diarrhea trumps ear infection as far worse. But believe it or not there are some pluses. 1. You never have to go to a doctor, 2. You never have to go to a pharmacy, 3. When you catch the disease, at least there is the benefit of losing some weight.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The entire month of January is a blur...

...Obviously, since I did not manage to blog even once. I missed writing Avery her nine month note, so I'll do that here. Also want to record for posterity some of Alex's current idiosyncracies.
So here goes, Avery,
Stats: at your 9 month check up you weighed 21 lbs 9 oz (88 %ile) and were 29.75 in (96 %ile)
You turned 9 months about a week and a half ago. If you think you are looking particularly slim in these photos (hee hee) it is because you had a stomach virus that took out the entire eastern seaboard. I'm not kidding, I had it, Jenny had it, Jenny's whole family had it and then we went to Florida and you gave it to Grandma and Pop Pop too!
Florida was not the best trip. I've already mentioned Grandma and Pop Pop getting sick, but to add insult to injury, you screamed and cried almost the entire 3-hour flight to West Palm, it was freezing cold the entire time we were there and Alex sliced open his finger while out for the first ride on his razor scooter (no stiches though).
But all-in-all, as far as I'm concerned, the trip was a success. This is because my key objective was to introduce you to your GiGi. Grandma Ruth bought you a beautiful dress to wear and you were sweet and smiling and it really was quite touching.

As for your growing personality. Well, probably not too much new. You are still a bossy little girl who knows exactly what she wants and has no problem communicating needs. In fact you actually have several words now. Dada and Allah (for Alex), but you also now wave and say hi (more like Haaaaa---iiiiiii) and you point to whatever you want at the moment and say dat (that). You clap both when prompted (hooray!) and unprompted when you like something (like when I sing songs from broadway musicals). You also shake your head no at appropriate moments and have this absolutely fantastic expression that I am desparate to capture on film - when there is something that you absolutely don't want to do or eat, etc. you close your eyes, purse your lips and put your tiny chin in the air - the sweetest, clearest communication of all. You also have a great laugh whenever you see your brother - I think he is your greatest joy right now.

Love, Mama.

And now, onto the full-of-life little boy that lives in this house...Alexander the great!

Alex - I'll write a full debrief of your 5th year of life when you turn 5 next month. For right now, I just wanted to write down for posterity that you are in full potty mouth mode.