The entire month of January is a blur...

...Obviously, since I did not manage to blog even once. I missed writing Avery her nine month note, so I'll do that here. Also want to record for posterity some of Alex's current idiosyncracies.
So here goes, Avery,
Stats: at your 9 month check up you weighed 21 lbs 9 oz (88 %ile) and were 29.75 in (96 %ile)
You turned 9 months about a week and a half ago. If you think you are looking particularly slim in these photos (hee hee) it is because you had a stomach virus that took out the entire eastern seaboard. I'm not kidding, I had it, Jenny had it, Jenny's whole family had it and then we went to Florida and you gave it to Grandma and Pop Pop too!
Florida was not the best trip. I've already mentioned Grandma and Pop Pop getting sick, but to add insult to injury, you screamed and cried almost the entire 3-hour flight to West Palm, it was freezing cold the entire time we were there and Alex sliced open his finger while out for the first ride on his razor scooter (no stiches though).
But all-in-all, as far as I'm concerned, the trip was a success. This is because my key objective was to introduce you to your GiGi. Grandma Ruth bought you a beautiful dress to wear and you were sweet and smiling and it really was quite touching.

As for your growing personality. Well, probably not too much new. You are still a bossy little girl who knows exactly what she wants and has no problem communicating needs. In fact you actually have several words now. Dada and Allah (for Alex), but you also now wave and say hi (more like Haaaaa---iiiiiii) and you point to whatever you want at the moment and say dat (that). You clap both when prompted (hooray!) and unprompted when you like something (like when I sing songs from broadway musicals). You also shake your head no at appropriate moments and have this absolutely fantastic expression that I am desparate to capture on film - when there is something that you absolutely don't want to do or eat, etc. you close your eyes, purse your lips and put your tiny chin in the air - the sweetest, clearest communication of all. You also have a great laugh whenever you see your brother - I think he is your greatest joy right now.

Love, Mama.

And now, onto the full-of-life little boy that lives in this house...Alexander the great!

Alex - I'll write a full debrief of your 5th year of life when you turn 5 next month. For right now, I just wanted to write down for posterity that you are in full potty mouth mode.



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