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Amazing, yet untraditional

After camp today, Alex was feeling a bit down on himself because every single boy in hisvgroup is a better athlete than him - better at soccer and basketball and faster runners and kickball and, and and....

Then he started to talk about the kids who get the harder, longer spelling lists, who are way better at math, and are just nice helpful kids.

"Everyone is just better than me at everything, mommy"

He was just feeling so sad. And frankly, he was making me feel sad too, as well as question whether we had passed on the worst of ourselves rather than the best.

(Here is my love letter to my wonderful son)

So I started to think about what was amazing about my Alex. He can spell just fine, but oh how he can speak and how he can spin a tale! He can engage you in a world of wonder. And that kid gets content and context from movies and books in a way that kids twice his age can't.

And while at seven years of age these qualities that are uniquely Alex are perhaps not the traditiona…

Mommy and Daughter morning

Yesterday morning, Avery and I did the following:

1. Dropped off homemade cookies and chicken noodle soup at her friend Tali's house since the Pittmans have a new baby! Baby Eva! Stayed for about a 20 minute impromptu playdate.
2. Ambled around the Ridgewood Farmer's market. Avery sampled her way through and thoroughly enjoyed tastes of tomatoes (yellow and red), broccoli, chard, spinach, green beans, pickles (full sour, half sour, new) and crackers with homemade blueberry peach jam.
3. Had an impromptu playdate with Avery's friend Abby and Abby's cousins Molly and Lily when we were driving by and saw them outside. Ice pops, pushing pretend babies in little strollers, riding bikes, trying to be good about taking turns, but never feeling like your own turn was long enough.
4. Watched Eric play some softball (and ate other people's snacks and played on the adjacent field as if it were a beach)
The rest of the day we mostly did things as a family and fell into our reg…

Why does Avery like to say "smell my finger"?

This girl needs some girly friends, for sure, and not to ALWAYS be surrounded by 7 and 8 year old boys.

Way more Imitrex and swollen joints than I would like

Hey migraines and lyme's fingers - go away! You're not welcome here. How long do you think I can avoid dealing with this?

Because I have to make sure that this is recorded...

....for posterity. Because it is beautiful. And it makes me cry. And it makes me think of how much we all love each other.