Mommy and Daughter morning

Yesterday morning, Avery and I did the following:

1. Dropped off homemade cookies and chicken noodle soup at her friend Tali's house since the Pittmans have a new baby! Baby Eva! Stayed for about a 20 minute impromptu playdate.

2. Ambled around the Ridgewood Farmer's market. Avery sampled her way through and thoroughly enjoyed tastes of tomatoes (yellow and red), broccoli, chard, spinach, green beans, pickles (full sour, half sour, new) and crackers with homemade blueberry peach jam.

3. Had an impromptu playdate with Avery's friend Abby and Abby's cousins Molly and Lily when we were driving by and saw them outside. Ice pops, pushing pretend babies in little strollers, riding bikes, trying to be good about taking turns, but never feeling like your own turn was long enough.

4. Watched Eric play some softball (and ate other people's snacks and played on the adjacent field as if it were a beach)

The rest of the day we mostly did things as a family and fell into our regular familial roles. However, that morning I was honored to experience the best of my daughter, the one who is not the baby of the family always running to try and catch up, the one who never got to be an only child and can easily feel frustrated. Instead, I spent time with Avery, the delightful little girl who loves intensely.

Definitely more mommy-daughter moments to follow!


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