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Dear kids,

It rained today.  It POURED.  I went out to run some errands and got completely soaked - just to let you know HOW hard it was raining today.  You may have heard metaphors of rain as an agent of cleanse.  If you haven't, trust me, it's a thing.

In any case, I just wanted to let you know that I worked from home today because you two have a winter break day off from school.  And I felt a sense of calm, a sense that we are cleansed as a family.  We may get angry with each other, feel tired or sad or even overwhelmed at times. As individuals, as a family, we always get past these tough times.  We return to golden times.  We are cleansed.

Love you with all my heart,

Little and Big

Dear Avery,

Each night when we send you upstairs to take a shower, you do so grudgingly and then immediately after when you are wrapped in a towel you call out in your happy sing-song, clarion voice, "I'm done with my shower!" (I can hear the melodic nature of that sentence as I type it).

You then put on cozy pajamas and come back downstairs for me to brush your hair, for you to beg for another chapter in a book, a few minutes of TV, a chat and any other procrastination tactics you dream up.

Last night, I was on the phone with a friend when you called out and I imitated your sweet voice to  my friend so that she would know a bit about our evening ritual.  To this imitation you called out, "I hear you mocking me!"  Wow!  Somehow that just seemed so direct, so grown up and all without any anger or spite or hurt.

You are one cool little (and big!) girl.

I love you,

Learning Styles and Teaching Styles

Dear Alex,

We had an interesting conversation this morning about learning and teaching.  You told me that one of your least preferred teachers teaches like "cogs in a machine" (you asked if that had anything to do with the word cognitive).  In any case, what you meant when we discussed was that her teaching is so routinized (not cognitive!), that what you should be doing or learning is not top of mind, it becomes invisible.

She probably teaches this way with the same type of assignments due on the same days of the week so that she can free up young learners to focus on the content.  But of course as I realize more and more each day, people have different learning styles.  And this type of teaching style feels so much like process that you use all your brain power on making sure all the cogs are in place rather than stretching your thinking.

I'm sorry that your learning style does not mesh with her teaching style.  It makes for a difficult year.

Love you,

Seven Years Two Hundred Eighty One Days

Dear Avery,

Yay!  That's all I can type.  Yesterday we had an exciting and momentous day.  A long awaited day.  A day that we all rejoiced and waited for even more magic

You told me that you pretended to be asleep and that you saw the tooth fairy leave you a little gift.


Dear Alex,

This week you came home from school and had this conversation with me:

"I broke up with Adele today."

Of course I questioned you about whether you hurt her feelings, was it a mutual break up, were you both okay.  The good news is that you promised me that you broke up with each other and that the main reason was because kids were teasing you at school so you guys just decided to remove the topic of teasing.

Then I asked you, "Are you still going to be friends?"


"Are you still going to talk and text with each other?"


"Will you still hang out sometimes outside of school?"


"So basically, nothing has changed."

"No.  We broke up.  We're no longer dating.  It's totally different."

It's funny how much terminology matters to an eleven year old.  Don't grow up too quickly Alex.  Be friends with anyone and everyone.  Swing from the monkey bars.  Build a snow fort.  Ride your b…