Dear Alex,

This week you came home from school and had this conversation with me:

"I broke up with Adele today."

Of course I questioned you about whether you hurt her feelings, was it a mutual break up, were you both okay.  The good news is that you promised me that you broke up with each other and that the main reason was because kids were teasing you at school so you guys just decided to remove the topic of teasing.

Then I asked you, "Are you still going to be friends?"


"Are you still going to talk and text with each other?"


"Will you still hang out sometimes outside of school?"


"So basically, nothing has changed."

"No.  We broke up.  We're no longer dating.  It's totally different."

It's funny how much terminology matters to an eleven year old.  Don't grow up too quickly Alex.  Be friends with anyone and everyone.  Swing from the monkey bars.  Build a snow fort.  Ride your bikes into town to get pizza and ice cream.  And for goodness sake, do NOT worry about semantics.



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