Little and Big

Dear Avery,

Each night when we send you upstairs to take a shower, you do so grudgingly and then immediately after when you are wrapped in a towel you call out in your happy sing-song, clarion voice, "I'm done with my shower!" (I can hear the melodic nature of that sentence as I type it).

You then put on cozy pajamas and come back downstairs for me to brush your hair, for you to beg for another chapter in a book, a few minutes of TV, a chat and any other procrastination tactics you dream up.

Last night, I was on the phone with a friend when you called out and I imitated your sweet voice to  my friend so that she would know a bit about our evening ritual.  To this imitation you called out, "I hear you mocking me!"  Wow!  Somehow that just seemed so direct, so grown up and all without any anger or spite or hurt.

You are one cool little (and big!) girl.

I love you,

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