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I gave birth to two thrill seekers

Dear Alex and Avery,

Why do you love roller coasters so much?  What is it about how you were made?  Furthermore, when do we all think Avery will be tall enough so that I will be able to cease the insanity that is "shorter child must be accompanied by an adult"?

P.S. Hope you had fun at Hershey Park a couple of weeks ago.


The title of this post can only be called 'innocence'

A couple of weeks ago, Avery was sitting on Eric's lap on the couch while he was relaxing and watching some TV before he gave her evening bath.  Avery was facing him and hugging him and being silly because she wanted his attention to focus on her instead of on the television.

All the sudden she says, "Daddy! It's 'gina verse penis!" and begins to give her very loving father what can only be described as a lap dance.  It was one of those moments where the adults in the room (myself and Eric) just froze not sure how to diffuse the situation.  Eric lifted her off his lap, the two of us bit our lips to keep from bursting out laughing and we moved on with our evening.

We look forward to embarrassing her with this story when she is much older.


Hey guys,

We're off to Hershey Park in a few hours.  Reminder -  that we went to Disney World earlier this year and have plans to go to Six Flags later this summer.  Reminder - that I HATE amusement parks, hate hanging out with the great unwashed (yes, I am a snob, get used to it), hate the rides that make my stomach feel all funny (too scary) as well as the rides that do not make my stomach feel all funny (too boring).

But I LOVE you two and the joy and happiness that I get to witness when we take you guys to these places.

Happy weekend!
Love Mommy


Hi kids,
A lot of the work I'm doing right now has put me face-to-face with people who have so much less financially than we do. And if you have read some of the recent posts you know I have written about our friends and family that are dealing with a lot less health than we have.  With all this exposure to less, it would be very easy to fall into an anxiety ridden and fearful state of 'what if?', but I am trying my hardest to be thankful and positive everyday.
Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep I will say a little prayer because my life is rich with health and happiness and kisses and hugs from your dad and the two of you and friends who care and sweet smelling flowers and bites of chocolate and bagels and silly songs and chatting on the phone and laughing at TV shows and vacations and the list could really go on.
Remember to be thankful everyday.  It will do wonders for your outlook on life.
Love, Mom

Four year old aspirations

Dear Avery,

Now that you are four years old, you seem to spend a good amount of time thinking about your future self.  You like to discuss at length what you will be when you 'grow up'.

In my mind we are making good progress.  The latest iteration of a career comes in the form of your wanting to be a teacher with blonde curls. I have no idea what the hairstyle has to do with your being effective, but visualizing is never a bad thing I guess.

In any case, I feel my work is paying off.  Just a few weeks ago, you had informed me that you would like to be a manicurist. At that point I was so glad (sarcasm intended) that I had continued to reinforce that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, a CEO, president or.....a manicurist. At least that was a step in the right direction from your previous career aspirations of wanting to be a pretty princess.

I love that you have such a rich imagination!

Re-branding the yearly doctor check-up

Hey Alex,

Today we went to see Dr Jawetz for your 8 year and Avery's 4 year check-up.  Alex, you have been talking to me for a few days now about whether you would have to get a shot.  Each time you asked I corrected you - it's an injection not a shot - and told you that I did not know what the protocol was for the 8 year old visit.  And each time you asked, I think that your anxiety continued to increase.

When we got to the office, you asked the nurse.  She did not know either.  By the time you asked Dr. Jawetz your goofy, crazy, nervous energy was at an all time high.  And when you found out that the answer was yes (You needed a Hepatitis A booster), your anxiety reached an all time high.

So here's what I know about this visit to the doctor.  You are 54.5 inches tall and weigh 67 pounds.  And 67 pounds of pure muscle is extremely hard to restrain when said person does NOT, you repeated DOES NOT want to have blood taken or vaccines received.  You cried and screamed and yelle…

An ecstatic fourth birthday for Avery!

Dear Avery,

Notice that I didn't wish you a plain old 'happy' birthday in the title of this post.  At four years old, you feel with such passion and wild abandon that I needed a really strong synonym for happy.  

I want you to know that every minute of every day that I recognize that you are an amazing little person.  And while at this point in your life you are sometimes challenging, you also always continue to be a joy to watch as you grow and develop.  

I mentioned your passion and intensity - this goes for both the positive and the negative.  No one else I know gives tighter hugs or longer kisses than you do.  No one else I know can revel the way you do in the simple pleasures be it a great tasting strawberry, a beautiful flower or a really funny joke.  And no one else I know will wail with true empathy when you see someone else in pain.  This is not to say that your passion is without its dark side.  You are also in touch with anger and the simplest instances of not havi…