Hi kids,

A lot of the work I'm doing right now has put me face-to-face with people who have so much less financially than we do. And if you have read some of the recent posts you know I have written about our friends and family that are dealing with a lot less health than we have.  With all this exposure to less, it would be very easy to fall into an anxiety ridden and fearful state of 'what if?', but I am trying my hardest to be thankful and positive everyday.

Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep I will say a little prayer because my life is rich with health and happiness and kisses and hugs from your dad and the two of you and friends who care and sweet smelling flowers and bites of chocolate and bagels and silly songs and chatting on the phone and laughing at TV shows and vacations and the list could really go on.

Remember to be thankful everyday.  It will do wonders for your outlook on life.



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