Monday, March 28, 2011

(365 x 7) + 12 = Alex

Dear Alex,

Today is 12 days past your seventh birthday. This year you had three parties: a friend party, a school party and a family party.

For your friend party, we kept it small this year and took a handful of boys (and Avery) out for pizza and to the movies (Rango) then back to our house for ice cream cake and playing. This felt like a very adult party and I think that your favorite part was back at our house when you all ran around outside with fluorescent yellow dollar store dart guns from you goodie bags and played war.

I think this will be the theme of your seventh year, that you have become a complete and utter boy. There is no trace of cuddly baby left in you. You like to do the things that boys do - play war, get dirty, ride your scooter and bike, play video games.

And in the past few months some of the most amazing changes have occurred in you. You have become basketball player, reader extraordinare (chapter books all on your own!), and mathematician.

You have a few really good friends and have had your first "friends" sleepover.

You are no longer as tolerant of your baby sister. You used to be kind to her and accepting no matter what. We couldn't believe how patient and tolerant you were. But that hasn't lasted and now you fight back, for the most part, as you should.

You are growing your hair a little bit longer and I think that you look really cool.

You only take showers now and have given up on baths.

You are alternately lazy and energetic, depending on your mood.

You still love a good movie and still watch movies that are perhaps a bit too mature for you. You recently watched the movie Meatballs with your dad and have been going around quoting it and laughing uproariously. Your dad loves that you share a similar sense of humor.

You are still stubborn about learning the correct way to do things from us. This extends from the proper way to complete your homework to the proper way to swing a baseball bat. I totally get that - it is hard to learn from the ones you love most. I think I was born perfect and knowing everything too.

In this next year of your life, I hope that you remain happy, get to play and learn without stress and feel loved everyday.

Happy (belated - that means late) birthday, Alex!

I love you,

The Pacifier Monster

Oh help! What have I gotten myself into with circle paci? I have managed to get Avery off a bottle, out of a crib and out of diapers, but the paci monster continues to linger.

And of late she has been losing her paci in the middle of the night and wailing. It is just like having a newborn baby to have to visit that room in the wee hours to comfort her (and to search under her bed and beneath the covers in the dark for said lost paci).

Will she have to pop that paci out of her mouth when she gives the valedictory speech for Glen Rock High School in 2026?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why have I been so quiet?

Hey kids,

So I really haven't written much lately and it's not because life is boring; on the contrary, it is busy and filled with winter sickness and work indecision and planning vacations and school for the both of you and alternating days of sunshine and snow, amongst other things.

But I haven't wanted to commit to anything in writing. Life feels a bit at a tipping point at the moment and I like to be definitive when I write (and speak and act) rather than dripping in uncertainty.

Anyway, I'll say to you Alex what an amazing report card you just received before mid-winter break. Growth in all areas both academic and social.

And Avery, is that you trying to go on the potty? You are such a big girl!

Love you both so much,
Your mommy