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It has been too long and I could never catch up...

...but there are a few bits and pieces of language that I would like to capture for posterity.

1. On a cold and rainy afternoon while Avery was napping and Alex was playing with his SmartCycle video game I was working on a kids puzzle (300 pieces!) at the kitchen table. This was the day that Eric had torn his hamstring playing softball, so he was resting upstairs in our bedroom. I asked Alex if he would mind if I went upstairs for a little bit and his response, "Who do you think you are, my puzzle slave?"

2. Avery this morning. I take out my phone while she is eating breakfast to make sure that I have enough battery power for the day. Avery sees the phone and wants it, so she says, "More Hi there" while putting her little hand to her ear. I guess since when she talks on the phone she says hi there, she actually thinks the phone is called a "hi there"

And this is why I should blog more often because I know there are many more and I can't remember …