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The following is a poem written by Alex in October of 2012 for his third grade class and I really love it.


to be brave
is to stand
up for something
that no one else
wants to do
like to fight
a bear

Radio Silence

Oh Alex, I know I promised to share the good, the bad and the ugly and I know that probably I should just have a "this too shall pass" attitude toward this moment in time, but instead I find myself wanting to protect you from this anxious, stress-ridden version of yourself.

You are my child, you are driven by a need to be perfect, to be better than everyone else, a better student, a better athlete, a better friend, a better musician, to be the best at everything from the moment you try.  This autumn, there has been so much more and so much new all at once between four days a week of football, two days a week of Hebrew school, more homework in more subjects, more pressure to be seen as "cool", to play kickball well during recess, to have more play-dates, to be a part of everything.  It is indeed overwhelming.

The result has been some crying (on your part and on my part), some frustration and some insomnia (last night I awoke at 230 am to you and Avery playing with Leg…

Fall 2012

These are my eight year old Alex and four year old Avery.  May they always be this close and this happy.

Another Example of "The Days are Long, but the Years are Short"

Dear Alex,

You are sleeping right now, which is the reason that I am typing this letter to you and no longer yelling and screaming.

You are eight and a half years old and in third grade right now.  You are learning about boundaries and lying and telling the truth and doing the right thing.  (You are also learning reading comprehension, math, science and social studies.)

Tonight you did something perhaps accidental and no doubt an incredibly stupid and expensive mistake.  You were taking a shower in our bathroom which has a stall shower.  Your sat down and covered the drain with your body to see just how high you could get the water to go.  Stall showers are not made to do this and so you caused a flood.  A flood not just in my bathroom, but also into my bedroom, also through the floor and ceiling below and into the hallway and coat closet.

It was raining in my hallway downstairs.

I am furious.  Intellectually, I know that eventually I will calm down, eventually I will just laugh ("rem…

The truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING but the truth

Dear Alex,

You will watch many movies and TV shows in your life in which you get to watch someone testify in court. (Testify means to tell the truth)  Whenever someone goes up on the witness stand in these movies and shows, the lawyer will always ask first, "Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

I couldn't help but think of this phrase today after you complained that Jenny would not let you do your homework in your room yesterday.  

We had told you that if you were having trouble concentrating with your sister running around and making noise that we were perfectly comfortable with you sitting at your desk in your room by yourself.

You told us that Jenny told you "no" when you asked.  I really couldn't believe that Jenny would say that to you, so I challenged you, "You know I'm going to ask her about it" and you challenged me right back, "Go ahead, she did say 'no'!"

When Jenny arrived this mor…