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Novel thoughts

So I've been thinking about writing a novel.  But I have no discipline.  And I don't really know how to get started.  I do know that I'd like the protagonist to be an American woman whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors.

I've even thought about the opening lines:

"She walked up to the bema to read, an honor bestowed upon her by the synagogue on this particular Shabbat.  Before she had even finished speaking the first sentence, I felt the familiar prick of tears at the corner of my eyes; we were instantly connected by something as simple as a European accent"

I hope I figure out how to write this one day.

Wow! Routines are time consuming!

Hey kids,

It has been over a month since I have written to you.  These darn fall routines are certainly a time suck!  Even now, as I'm struggling to fit it all in on a Friday, I know that I will only write something short because that is all I have time for today.

So let's see.  Alex, this fall you must master the fine art of balancing.  You have have third grade and all that comes with it - thirty minutes of homework a day instead of fifteen, a recorder for music class that you play enthusiastically, football practice two hours a day, three days a week (plus a two hour game on weekends) and Hebrew school two hours a day, twice a week.  Let's just say that itouch time, Wii time and hanging out with your friends time are minimal right now.  So while you really seem to be loving football, I am looking forward to the winter to get eight hours a week of your time back.

Avery, perhaps your schedule might not be quite as daunting as your brother's, however, make no mistake, you…