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Hi kids,

The lease is almost up on my car and I am struggling to make a decision. Your daddy just laughed when he read that because he thinks that I can't make any decisions. :)

Working in the field of marketing innovations, I can tell you, however, that no consumer decision is more important than the car you choose. It lets people know something that you want them to think about you.

Hence the struggle. I cannot fathom spending the money on a car that has everything I want and frankly, I don't particularly want people to think that I am the type of person who would spend all that money. But I don't really like the cars that are less money.

So where does that leave us? Well we all might be taking the bus in a few weeks when my lease is up!

I hope you learn good life lessons from me and that you value people more than things.


Why Alex likes his Spanish name

This seems so everyday and therefore not blog worthy, but I am hoping and praying that ten years from now, Alex's state of obsession will only be a fond memory so I want to make sure to write about it in some way now.

Alex LOVES Star Wars. I mean really really loves and is so involved in the world of Star Wars that he wakes up in the morning talking about the movies and the characters and more or less doesn't stop all day.

And a few days ago he says to me, "You know what's so great about my Spanish name, Alejandro? It has the name Han in the middle of it, just like Han Solo."

So all little boys love Star Wars to some degree, but Alex has taken it to the next level (in a way that only Alex could) and has declared, that it's not just Star Wars, but LucasFilms that he really loves. Indiana Jones (or as Alex calls him in full accent, Dr. Jones), here we come!

What being a drama queen means

Avery is now 2 years and 2 months. She did not get a birthday post, I guess just because our lives are full (in a good way). But I just feel the need to talk about the strong personality that I have been writing about since she joined this world.

So Alex was agreeably potty trained at 2 years 5 months. Do I think Avery will match or beat this age? Absolutely not! And this has nothing to with physical ability. I still hate when I hear moms say that this kid or that kid does "everything in his/her own time" because really doesn't every kid do that? But the sentiment behind this inane statement I believe comes from those independent and strong willed children who will not bend their wills to their parents' request. So maybe Avery will go to her high school prom wearing diapers with a pacifier in her mouth. Maybe! :)
But that's not even what I wanted to write about in terms of her lovely and predictable girl drama. Yesterday, she was demanding dinner while I was finish…