Why Alex likes his Spanish name

This seems so everyday and therefore not blog worthy, but I am hoping and praying that ten years from now, Alex's state of obsession will only be a fond memory so I want to make sure to write about it in some way now.

Alex LOVES Star Wars. I mean really really loves and is so involved in the world of Star Wars that he wakes up in the morning talking about the movies and the characters and more or less doesn't stop all day.

And a few days ago he says to me, "You know what's so great about my Spanish name, Alejandro? It has the name Han in the middle of it, just like Han Solo."

So all little boys love Star Wars to some degree, but Alex has taken it to the next level (in a way that only Alex could) and has declared, that it's not just Star Wars, but LucasFilms that he really loves. Indiana Jones (or as Alex calls him in full accent, Dr. Jones), here we come!


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