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Beach Vacation 2010

Alex and Eric were racing Ben and Gayle on their bikes. Team Schwartz versus Team 'whatever Ben and Gayle's last name is', per Alex. And Alex was thrilled that Team Schwartz won!
I think that is probably the theme of the whole week - a winning vacation for Team Schwartz! Alex learns to dive (and inevitably gets swimmers ear), Avery loves the beach, sunsets on the bay are amazing, Eric cooks (and cooks and cooks). And come Sunday, I was not even ready to go back to work as I usually am after a 24-7 week with the same people, albeit my family.
That's how I know it was so successful, because what's that cliche? Happy mom, happy home.
Photo highlights (of course!)

The presence of greatness

Getting to know each of my children as individuals is perhaps the best part of getting to be a parent. I am often amazed and impressed by the thoughts that their growing brains process.

Take Avery a few weekends ago. She had woken up from a long afternoon nap and it was just the two of us in the house (it's summertime, so of course the boys were at the pool).

After a short snuggle we came downstairs for a snack - orchard fresh cut up peaches. Avery says, "mmmmmm....deeelicious!" and so I say that we should thank G-d for these delicious peaches and start to say the prayer, boray pre ha'etz.

Avery asks, "Where is G-d?" to which I reply everywhere, inside you, inside me (Alex would tell you in the sky). But she starts to get agitated because if we are 'thanking G-d', then he must be a person so she says, "Mommy, I want G-d to come to our house"

"He is, Avery. He is definitely in this house"

"Where?" she demands. "I …