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5 Years, 364 Days Old

Dear Alex,
Tomorrow is your sixth birthday. So much has happened between your turning five and your turning six, that I am especially pleased to be able to capture some of your finest achievements here in typed word.

Let's try to remember...

When you were five you were still (albeit a tiny bit) round, now that you are six, you are long and lean and I wonder how you manage to stand upright with all the growing that you have been doing.

When you were five you were timid to ride a bike even with training wheels on and we wondered if you would ever do so. Now that you are six, you ride you bike without training wheels and you are a speed demon. In fact you learned how to ride your bike without training wheels just a few weeks ago. It was a warm and sunny weekend, a respite from all the cold snowy weather that we had this winter. Being the laissez faire parents that we sometimes are, you had no bike helmet so your dad was trying to teach you how to ride on the sidewalks in front of our hou…