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When you don't follow your dreams

Hey kiddos,

It's your work-from-home mommy here.  I'm taking a break from reading up on environmental sustainability for work.  

As I take a deep breath, bleary eyed from staring at a computer screen all day, I wanted to tell you that even if you still want to be a princess-fairy-ballerina when you grow up, but find yourself instead tap-tap-tapping away on your computer keyboard that it's okay.   

Some of the stuff that you never imagined would be so integral to making you happy in daily life like being a mommy, being a wife, being a friend would be super tough to accomplish if indeed you were a princess-fairy-ballerina.  Plus, what would have to talk about with your children, your spouse and your friends if not your dashed dreams of being a princess-fairy-ballerina.

So I am not writing amazing essays for Newsweek that will one day be collected into a book of stories.  (Miss you, Nora Ephron!) and I am good with that.  Well most of the time, I am good with that and when I am n…