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The F-bomb a.k.a. life is not perfect

In the past week or so both kids have somehow heard and have started using the f-word, and no, I don't mean the word 'fat'. I am so furious with the world and with my children for having keen ears and frankly, with my husband for not choosing other words when angry (or even not so angry).

Alex and Avery, when you read this when you are older, I hope you have learned the very important lesson that there is almost NO reason for bad language. You are better. You are brighter. You are more educated. You can use wonderfully scathing language that is not beneath you as those common curse words are.

Today's post brought to you by the letter gimmel

I am writing this one based on the storytelling of Grandma Ruth who joined us on Halloween for a bit. Specifically, the part when the Piazzas had the neighborhood kids over for a party before trick-or-treating. The bigger kids were running around outside, but Avery chose to play in the basement playroom with Grandma.

As Grandma Ruth tells it: Avery is wearing her pink princess costume and in a house where there are no girl toys so she is playing with a football. At least she was able to find a pink football to play with. And she throws the ball to her Grandma and says "Grandma! When I say Gimmel, throw me the ball!"

I guess hearing her brother sing the Hebrew alphabet song has had an impact on her.


Yesterday Tara had a party for the neighborhood kids before we all went trick or treating together. I decided that as long as Avery was not cranky, she could forgo her nap for the day. So after snacks and playing (and cocktails for the adults), we set out about 3 p.m.

Tara and I live five houses apart - there are three houses between us. Avery went to Judy's house, then Elaine's house, then Steve and Cecilia's house. When we reached our house she declared, "Mommy, I tired. I go take nap"

So in she went. Poor Eric had to stay home and watch football and couldn't join the rest of the crew (yes, that's sarcasm). Later, when she woke up, she could not have been more excited about the lollipop, the nickel and the piece of chocolate she received.

The girl has learned at a very young age that it's quality, not quantity that matters!