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A conversation with your third grade teacher

Dear Alex,

I just got off the phone with Mrs. Dextraze.  When I see the school number show up on my caller ID, I cringe wondering what part of your body you injured, what the nurse has to say about you.

But instead it was your teacher.  She called to talk to me about some class parent stuff - Wendy and I just finished executing the Third Grade International Luncheon.  This is an event that you kids particularly loved.  Basically, it was the culmination of a whole unit on genealogy.  You guys studied the countries from which your ancestors immigrated and then your parents brought in food cooked from those countries.  As usual, you stuck to what you knew and liked, but I was pleased that you did try some new things.  A spark of hope that one day you will be more adventurous!

Midway through the conversation  Mrs. Dextraze changed the subject to talk about you.  My "uh oh" alarms went off again, not because you are an evil person, but because sometimes you can be a bit mischievous …