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She just came downstairs to remind me... could I forget some of her favorite words!

shoes, socks, hat, bag

There is really something to having two XX chromosomes, huh?

If I write only once each quarter, does it count as a blog?

Well, it's the best I can do because I prefer to enjoy the moments with you kids instead of always preserving the memories and not being "in it" with you.
But then Alex and Avery, you have both been doing so many amazing things lately that I feel compelled to capture some of them here.
1. This is the comment that made me come back to blog. From the book "Horace, Morris, but Mostly Dolores" which is a story about three young mice who are friends that go on adventures. In describing the adventures, the author writes humorous things like "They sailed the seven sewers" which is of course funny because they are tiny mice who wouldn't sail the seven seas. Then on the next page the mice are on top of what looks like a garbage heap holding a flagpole (the flag is made of cheese) and the caption reads "They climbed Mount Ever-Rust". At this point, Alex asks what this means - Mount Ever-Rust and I explain to him that they are probably in a scrap met…