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Neshama - what I'm saying in my head

Neshama (Hebrew: נשמה) is a Hebrew word which can mean "soul" or "spirit". 

Avery was warm and snuggly and in a very deep sleep when I awoke her this morning to get ready for school.  She looked at me with a sleepy grin and then we had this conversation:

"Mommy, do you know what I'm saying right now?  Well not with my mouth but in my head." (meaning, do you know what I'm thinking right now)


"I'm just thanking G-d that I woke up feeling so happy and that you were here to give me a hug."


Last week I said to Avery, "You scared me half to death!"  I have no idea what she did that scared me, but I do remember her response to my colloquialism, "Death is when you can't hear and you have to wear these little machines on your ears to help you hear."

It Never Ends

Being a parent is hard.  Essay written by Alex this weekend.

The Day I brought a pocket knife to school
One day I put my hands in my pocket. I found that I had a knife in my pocket so I walked up to Isabella, Nickolas and Joseph and I said "look isn't it cool" and they said "yeah!"  I felt wrong but cool so I didn't tell anyone else.  Later at recess I played soccer. It kept falling out of my pocket. I felt scared that I was going to get caught. Later I dropped it but I did not know I did so during read a Loud Quinn found it and showed it to Mrs. Dex. Then she called Mrs. capadna and she got Mrs. falknstern. They talked to me and then I talked to mom on the phone. Mrs. Capadona told me to NOT talk about it and I did not.


What I learned
1. not to lie
2. to check my pockets before I leave for school
3. If you find something dangerous show a teacher

Thing I like about my self
1. I am good at video games
2. I have friends
3. I am nice
4. I lern fast
5. I am smart
6. …