It Never Ends

Being a parent is hard.  Essay written by Alex this weekend.

The Day I brought a pocket knife to school
One day I put my hands in my pocket. I found that I had a knife in my pocket so I walked up to Isabella, Nickolas and Joseph and I said "look isn't it cool" and they said "yeah!"  I felt wrong but cool so I didn't tell anyone else.  Later at recess I played soccer. It kept falling out of my pocket. I felt scared that I was going to get caught. Later I dropped it but I did not know I did so during read a Loud Quinn found it and showed it to Mrs. Dex. Then she called Mrs. capadna and she got Mrs. falknstern. They talked to me and then I talked to mom on the phone. Mrs. Capadona told me to NOT talk about it and I did not.


What I learned
1. not to lie
2. to check my pockets before I leave for school
3. If you find something dangerous show a teacher

Thing I like about my self
1. I am good at video games
2. I have friends
3. I am nice
4. I lern fast
5. I am smart
6. I am tall and handsome
7. I not so picky
8. I like minecraft

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