What being a drama queen means

Avery is now 2 years and 2 months. She did not get a birthday post, I guess just because our lives are full (in a good way). But I just feel the need to talk about the strong personality that I have been writing about since she joined this world.

So Alex was agreeably potty trained at 2 years 5 months. Do I think Avery will match or beat this age? Absolutely not! And this has nothing to with physical ability. I still hate when I hear moms say that this kid or that kid does "everything in his/her own time" because really doesn't every kid do that? But the sentiment behind this inane statement I believe comes from those independent and strong willed children who will not bend their wills to their parents' request. So maybe Avery will go to her high school prom wearing diapers with a pacifier in her mouth. Maybe! :)

But that's not even what I wanted to write about in terms of her lovely and predictable girl drama. Yesterday, she was demanding dinner while I was finishing up talking to Dawn (Auntie Dawn!). So she was moaning and whining and Dawn asks me what's going on and I say oh, she is just a little bit of drama and a little bit of rock 'n roll (that's a Donny and Marie Osmond reference, just in case the little Schwartzes are reading this many years from now). So anyway, with this comment, Avery bursts into tears, throws her little body face down upon the sofa and exclaims, "I AM NOT A LITTLE BIT OF ROCK 'N ROLL!"

No, Avery, I guess you are not.

Love you,

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