Four year old aspirations

Dear Avery,

Now that you are four years old, you seem to spend a good amount of time thinking about your future self.  You like to discuss at length what you will be when you 'grow up'.

In my mind we are making good progress.  The latest iteration of a career comes in the form of your wanting to be a teacher with blonde curls. I have no idea what the hairstyle has to do with your being effective, but visualizing is never a bad thing I guess.

In any case, I feel my work is paying off.  Just a few weeks ago, you had informed me that you would like to be a manicurist. At that point I was so glad (sarcasm intended) that I had continued to reinforce that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up, a CEO, president or.....a manicurist. At least that was a step in the right direction from your previous career aspirations of wanting to be a pretty princess.

I love that you have such a rich imagination!


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