Warm Fuzzy Feelings

So last night we went to Kol Nidre services at the Glen Rock Jewish Center (we're members now) and we decided to bring Avery, but to leave Alex to play at our neighbors house.

And as we were walking to synagogue, Alex ran ahead, just couldn't wait to play with Jack and Steven and then it was just Eric, me and Avery (in her stroller) walking at dusk and I was thinking about just how lucky we were to live in this town. It was one of those idyllic moments where you just utterly belong, like a virtual hug.
And then in synagogue both last night and today, people coming up to us because they had heard that we had joined (love that small community feeling) and it being okay that Avery was squawking away because she was just so charming with that smile.
And then today, over at the Hillmans' for break fast. The kids just playing so nicely and it feeling like, family.

Score one point for Glen Rock!


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