Better Late Than Never

I want to take just a minute to honor and remember Naomi Harris Narev. Her birthday would have been October 4 had she not died from breast cancer five and a half years ago.

Her spirit lives on through Alex (who is named after her). Like Naomi, Alex likes to join me in singing corny top 40 songs while driving. And he's working on, although not yet perfected, her Kiwi accent.

Miss you Nomi.


  1. I've come across this a year late, but thank you for this. I'm Nomi's brother. And I'm delighted to hear of memories like this one -- I too used to enjoy singing corny Top 40 songs with her in the car. (Although given a choice between Top 40 and Neil Finn, she would have probably opted for the latter.) It's in memories like this that I can hang on to the conviction that Nomi *is* still alive, albeit in our hearts and minds.


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