Why living near your grandkids just rocks..

...this is certainly not meant to be a guilt trip in anyway, but I was just thinking about how great the kids are (have you sensed yet that there is a theme to this blog) and thinking about how my mom would really love to be here to see 'her babies' instead of being in Florida for so long.

Here are three pictures from the past week, each worth at least the proverbial thousand words:

1. Avery snoozing away during morning nap time. At night now, she sleeps on her belly, but during naps she prefers her side. Even better, because she is sleeping on her tummy at night, she is now sleeping until after 7 every morning. Eric thinks I'm the only crazy person that is sad about this because now I don't get to spend as much time with her.

2. Eric and the kids goofing around - uh, I mean cuddling - under a new sofa blanket. This image should be likened to those Russian matrushka (sp?) dolls, with the tiniest one inside the medium one inside the largest one. Or in other words, Alex really wanted Avery to sit on his lap while he sat on his daddy's lap.

3. Avery turned 8 months today and she's started to clap (a separate blog entry for that forthcoming) so that's what I really wanted to capture in a photo. Clapping is truly something new for her eight month self, but of course, I just couldn't get it on camera. Instead, I got this photo which is the utter image of her personality. I can't wait for her to read Shakespeare because I am SURE that she will 'thumb her nose' at me!

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