Hannukah 5769

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah. Alex is almost 5 and this is probably the first year where he was really excited in advance for the holiday to arrive.

I must say, I find the sheer gluttony of the holiday a little bit sickening. I promise you that when Alex opened 2 gifts from Auntie Dawn and 1 giant gift from all 4 grandparents and 1 gift from Grammy's friend Arlynne and some of Avery's gifts, it was probably no different than an addict getting his fix. And Judah Macabee was nowhere in sight.

BUT....I would not deny the little kid his joy. And we had a lovely dinner with family (Grandma and PopPop, you were missed). And Alex and Auntie Dawn had a fun time building with the pirate Legos (and Alex kept referring to the tiny pirates as dudes). And Grandpa Howie read a story to Avery before bed (and Grammy to Alex). If I only could have minimized the gifts, it would have been the perfect start to the holiday!


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