Balance - Part II

Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting past your tantrum.about going to Florida instead of Jamaica this year (that was a sarcastic 'thank you', in case that was not utterly clear).  In any case, I wanted to write a bit more about your continued evolution of understanding privilege and wealth.

We visited with friends that have a house in the Hamptons this past weekend.  From the moment we entered their house you began to speak about how you would really like to live in a house like this.  There were many instances throughout the weekend in which you made it clear that you were pleased with your surroundings.  The crown jewel of comments however, came when you and I went for a walk on Sunday afternoon.  Our hosts had told us which way to walk so that we could see the house that Beyonce and Jay-z own.  Standing in front of their estate, you counted seven chimneys, which meant seven fireplaces and you said, "This house is so huge it looks like a small factory with all those chimneys!" and then a bit further down the road, in a bit more contemplative manner, "I really would like to live out here and live like this.  I think this kind of wealth is really good."

I am not sure what to tell you Alex.  I think that kind of wealth can be good, but only if you are surrounded by family and friends who love you, and that everyone is healthy and that more than the money you have, that you have other things in life that make you happy.

I know you are bright and talented and that will hard work, you will achieve everything you want in life.



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