Goal Oriented

Hey kids,

It's August.  Another month until school starts and I'm not rushing the end of summer, but all the sudden I can feel it creeping up on us.

I have been wondering if you ever think about how I am performing at my job of mommy.  Do you think I am perfect?  I am not.  There is no one ideal for this job description.  I do however, imagine that each and every mom can close her eyes and can describe her ideal in minute detail.

My paragon of perfection is not unlike a well-rounded liberal arts education with a strong core.  I think about  music, visual arts, sports, literature, pop culture, social interactions, healthy eating, well-rested, clean rooms, clean bodies, indoor play, outdoor play.  One must be at least minimally proficient in all of these areas, if he or she hopes to lead a successful life.  Believe it or not, that is why I try to 'under' schedule you.  I believe that when left to your own devices that you will be most creative and engaged.

I wont apologize for pushing these ideals on you.  I will however be empathetic.  It must be tough to have a mom who wants you to be pretty good at so many things.  Know that in setting these goals, I hope you will both become well-rounded and uncover your passion in life, whatever that might be.  This is childhood as it should be!


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