7 Months

Hi Avery,

Today you turned seven months old. I can't say that the jump from 6 months to 7 months was as dramatic as previous months. You are still talking and sitting and are toothless, but that's the same as before. This picture shows you standing, but I really just posed you and took the picture super quick before you got distracted and stopped leaning and fell.

I guess the most dramatic difference for me is that it seems all the sudden that you are a part of the family with your own personality (your daddy loves when you get bossy and yell at me!) and own routine. You have regular naps and regular meals and your eyes light up whenever you see someone you know. You also let us know exactly when you don't like something. You are very clear in your communication.

You got to spend your 7 month birthday celebrating at your cousin Sophia's birthday party. There were lots of children running around and you took it all in. So much so that you could not eat your dinner until the party had died down. Your brother ate too much homemade buttercream frosting, got a giant belly ache, took care of business (that's the most polite way I know how to write about it) and then had a great time playing with the other children. And he is the one that you watch the most, that you always, always have a smile for - your big brother Alex who you now call LaLa.



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