Let's Talk About Sex, Babeee...

Dear Avery,

Yesterday you and I had this conversation:

Avery: (out of no where) "So what does sex feel like, anyway?"

Me: (thinking to myself, why the heck are you thinking about this and how can I deflect and do I really want to have this conversation) "When you are in love, it can feel good."

Avery: "But like, what is it!?!  I know you get under the covers....I mean, have you ever done sex?"

Me: (thinking, phew! she gave me an out!) "Yes, of course.  You have sex to make babies and I had you and Alex." (also do I need to do a better job of explaining where babies come from?  maybe, but not right now.)

Avery:  "Ok.  Makes sense."

You are almost eight and a half years old.  Don't grow up too fast.



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