Looking into the (not so distant) future

Dear Alex,

Last week we spent the week on a family cruise to celebrate Grammy and Grandpa Howie's fiftieth wedding anniversary.  For the most part you hung out with Avery and your cousins and had a wonderful time.  But you also wanted to push outward a bit and be a (pre)teen, if only for a little while.  This attitude manifested itself a few times during the cruise, most notably:

  • They have this teen program.  Most kids who attend go with their friends or family who are on the boat with them.  It is VERY brave in my opinion to go on your own to something like this.  Not only did you go, not only did you make a friend (at first you thought his name was Brett, but then you discovered that his name was Fred), but you stayed out until midnight!  We were already in bed when you came back to the room.  It just felt so "teenager" of you.  By the way, it's not like you and Fred became life long buddies.  You agreed to hang out with him the next day, but then you were kind of done.  You wanted to prove to yourself that you could do it and you did.
  • And then you were back with your family.  But you were still acting like a teenager at times.  In fact, Uncle Josh helped you with this pursuit by being your wingman (and teaching you how to talk to girls).  This is you guys waiting in line for the FlowRider on ship surfing.  Josh is helping you in your conversation with Emma.  An older woman of thirteen.

I hope you have a great seventh grade year.  That you continue to grow up.  But please don't grow up too fast.

Love you,

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