Five weeks is long enough.  I'm ready for them to come home.  And I can't sleep thinking about it.  And about other things.  Because once they come home:

1. Will I arrange the perfect homecoming?  Will they get the right amount of time with their parents? With their friends?  Alone, because they haven't been alone in seven weeks.

2. Do I need to get them checked for lice and have their laundry done by a professional like the other moms?

3. How will I have enough time to get all their laundry done and everything organized before we leave for Florida?

4. How will I have time to pack for Florida and the cruise for myself and for them while also working and spending time with them?

5. Is it weird if they come home and don't want to hug me and kiss me endlessly?

6. Will they be okay in school this year?

7. Will I do a good job of planning their activities while balancing a need for busy-ness with time for homework and time for laziness?

8. What will I forget?

And then there is work:

A. Ms. 98% HAS to finish packing up her office this week.

B. And has to do her online digital training.  All six hours of it.

C.  For our temporary work space, where will I drive and park?  What is the best place to park?

D.  Will there be a place for me to sit?

E. What if my new job stinks? 

F. Will I still feel like a part of a community?  And if I don't, how will I lead?

And personal:

1. What the heck is wrong with my left leg?  Will I ever feel like I am important enough to get it checked out?  And if I go, will they validate that something is wrong?

2. With my graying hair and expanding waistline, am I still attractive?

3. Do I indulge too much and become a selfish human being while the kids are away at camp?

4. Am I not adventurous enough (at all) while the kids are away at camp?

5. Is there some sort of summer philanthropy that I can add to my routine to feel good about myself?  Where and how should i get involved?

6. Will typing all this down make it easier to go to sleep or make the thoughts swirl through my head even faster and more furiously.


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