Toothy Fairy

Dear Avery,
Last night you lost (read: ripped out) your second tooth ever. You were understandably excited-the novelty has not yet worn off.
You went to sleep excited for a visit from the tooth fairy. As uber prepared as I was, when Alex was going upstairs to sleep, I asked him if I could borrow some cash. He gave me a  $10 (in exchange for two $20s - that kid is definitely going to be successful when he grows up) and went to sleep himself.
Now it's time for me to go upstairs. I quickly cut a note into a cute heart shape, write some sweet words and slip the note and money under your pillow in place of the envelope containing your tooth.  Back in the light of the hallway, I see this:

It's 10:45 on Monday night and you want a toy, not money. Kill me. So I scrounge around and find a leftover gift from Five Below that never quite made it to you on Hanukkah. It's a Heli-ball, kind of like a mini drone and I know you won't be very excited to receive it. But it's a toy nonetheless, so I wrap it up and make the exchange with the cash previously left in your room.
Before I wake you up the next morning,  I quickly plan a contingency. I take that $10 and put it under my pillow. I'm glad I did it when you were not too excited to receive the heli-ball, I asked you to help me make my bed. You find the $10 and we discuss how the tooth fairy took one of the extra gifts I have and left me the money. I asked if you would trade with me and buy your own toy. You agreed and you were happy. 
You're lucky, you're cute!


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