The first day

Dear Alex,

For the first time in the ten plus years that you have been a part of my life I have absolutely no idea what you are doing right now, how you are feeling, what it looks like where you are.  That is because today you got onto a bus without looking back and left for your first summer at Indian Head sleep away camp.

Since 11 a.m. when the bus left, I have been wandering around in a bit of a fog.  Excedrin took away my stress headache, but there is still this weird feeling in my stomach which I know will stay for the entirety of the summer.  I am hoping that the feeling will ease up a bit once I know that you have made a friend and are happy.  That wont be for a few days; it's just crazy to be feeling like this.

For posterity, I want you to know that your sister cried the entire car ride home from the bus.  She was inconsolable - that you didn't hug her goodbye, that you said you weren't going to miss her and probably that she was having intense feelings and emotions about what it would be like to be home without you, to miss you with all of her heart.

Your dad was feeling emotional too.  He held it together until we received a video email from one of the owners of your camp.  It was sent to first time parents reminding us that we have given you a gift, one that you would love and that you would be happy.  This put daddy over the edge and he started to cry as well.

To make ourselves feel better this is what we did:
Dad - watched World Cup soccer and took Avery to the pool
Avery - watched My Little Pony and went to the pool with Dad
Me - Ate your Krackel Bar from Hershey Park (sorry!) along with some other snacks and then went to Ridgewood and bought two pairs of shoes

I hope that you didn't need to do anything to feel better and that you are just excited and have a lot of adrenaline right now.

I love you with all of my heart.


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