Noticing girls

Dear Alex,

It has come to my attention recently that you have moved from generally noticing all girls, to perhaps being more specific in noticing and quietly liking one girl in particular.  I should have guessed that this would happen soon, given that this summer the boys in your camp group were a bit in awe about your friendships with girls and openly teased you for being a 'flirt'.  Even so, upon first thought, I thought that you were WAY too young and then realized that it is actually me who is WAY not ready. 

In fact, you are at a perfect age.  When I was in fourth grade a boy named Rob Chaseman used to ride his bike home next to me and a group of my friends.  He used to sing Rolling Stones songs and I think I had a crush on him for doing this.

I think you are a rockstar, just like he was.

I love you so much,

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