Year two of it being just too hard to write during the fall

Dear kids,

Wow! I don't know why, I should expect it by now, but the fall and its routines really pack a punch that leave me gasping for air.

I have always said that autumn is my favorite season: I love the changing colors of the leaves, the weather getting cooler so that you need to grab a sweater in the morning that you will shed midday, new clothes to wear and getting to snuggle in under the covers and night.

Fast forward to being a mom of school age kids and that list changes to: football practice and games four days a week, School of Rock twice a week, Hebrew School twice a week, tap & jazz, soccer, cheerleading, packing lunches, making sure homework is done, making sure forms are filled out and returned, no time to cook or eat shabbat dinner together and in general no time to take a deep breath and just be.

It's also emotional in the fall because there is a return to interaction with sports coaches and teachers and a fierce mama bear (that's me) will do just about anything to protect her cubs and make sure that they are well represented.

I swore I wouldn't be that alpha mom who over-schedules her kids and yet here we are, not because I have pushed you, but because I haven't discouraged you in any way.  It is a full life, for sure, but there is little time to play after school with friends and that makes me sad.

However, if I separate my own feelings and stress from the mix, I would like to share with you that you are thriving, you are happy, you are kids who love school and your friends and your activities and your life.  Your joy is a blessing, it is what gets me through this re-entry into routine.

While I may not write again until at least football, cheerleading and soccer seasons end, please know that this time of year has you both smiling.



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