Great pipes.....finding your place

Dear Alex,

You are now officially a fourth grader.  Well, that's not quite true, but you are no longer a third grader and schoooooool's out.......for summer!

As I wrote to you when you turned nine, you are in a far more relaxed and happy place than you were at the beginning of the school year.

One of the things we talked about the entire year after you had seen the movie was signing you up for "School of Rock".  As the year progressed, there always seemed a reason to delay; you were just starting a new sport for the season, or Hebrew school, or after school science (which you hated, by the way!).

And the end of the school year seems no different because you are about to start camp (and then it will be football and school again........).  So we just realized that there is not good time to start and you just started.

And you loved it.  I mean you really loved it.  You came home from your lesson and had such energy and excitement in your voice.  Who knows if it will last and become a passion or if it will shift and feel like work. But right now in the moment, I know it makes you feel amazing.

You got to choose your main instrument that you want to study (you choice voice).  When you met with your instructor, after singing scales, you also got to choose what songs to sing and you chose The Ramones "I Want to be Sedated" and Cowboy Mouth "Jenny Says".

After only one lesson, the reviews are in: you were told that you have great pitch and great "pipes" and that you make great song choices.  And you felt not just "good enough" as is often the case when you competently play a sport but are not one of the all-stars.  You felt that you were the best at something - that this was your place.

Next up, trying this as part of a band, I can't wait, I know you will be amazing.

You may or may not be a rock star later in life.  So what I hope for you is that you retain an amazing sense of confidence throughout life from this experience.



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